Trophy Cabinet

This is a project which has been realized for a well established internet madia company in Manchester.  There was a request for manufacturing of the cabinet into the main entrance reception hall to display company trophies and achievements. This representative piece of furniture was designed to match existing reception desk.

At the first stage, a computer visualization has been supplied for approval by our client.

Trophy cabinet proposal, computer visualization.

It is a simple compact design without visible joints, with glass doors and shelves. White satin cabinet has an extended front edge finished with gloss red colour to match a shade of the reception desk. LED light strips would be used to illuminate inner space. There has been planned simple chrome tube legs.

We produced it as it was planned. Here is the finished cabinet in the place.

cabinet 01
Finished Trophy Cabinet

It is a good example of the well planned design.

Dimensions: 1000 x 1600 x 375 mm
Materials: lacquered MDF, clear glass, chrome finished steel hinges and legs, BZP grooved strips for adjustable shelves, RGB led strip with remote control.

Lamp pedestal

supplied picture of the lamp

A customer from the USA bought a a historical lamp and contacted us with a request for manufacturing of the carved wooden pedestal. She wanted to rise the lamp about 30” up from the floor. She provided photographs and template of the base shape.

However, there was a limited budged for this project, I worked out a simple sketch. The whole idea was to match the characteristic shapes of the lamp and to keep the existing base plate and use it as the top of the new pedestal. It was impossible te get the lamp in to our workshop. The shape of a base has been traced on the paper and posted to us.

proposal drawing

Smooth poplar wood has been chosen for easy carving and to keep the weight down to reduce shipping cost. Birch plywood was ment to be used for side panels. The whole structure has been designed on the square ground plan with rising angled edges to fit the top under the existing wooden base. Decorative “S” shape braces  2 inches wide would be fitted on the beveled edges. A lamp was ment to be fixed by screws through  the flatten tops of these braces in four extended corners of the base. There was a leaf motiv on the cast metal parts, so we intended to decorate these braces with a similar carving.

process 1
all major parts assembly

Basic shapes has been made and assembled together. Then it was ready for carving of all decorations. Brace edges has been grooved. Spirals and leaves has been carved on the sides. Flat panels has been trimed by round beeads and frame edges schamfered.

Fixing of the finished braces

The final stage was to create a decorative astragal on the bottom edge and to fit extended legs in the corners.  The lamp pedestal has been supplied without surface finishing.

All carvings done.

Light poplar wood would be stained and finished together with the other wooden parts of the lamp. It has been packed and shipped overseas.  We received  picture of the completely finished product recently. Now we can see the final result.

Finished pedestal as it was dispatched to our customer.

We can see that somebody gave a good finish to this project. Original parts has been restored and wood treated well. Additional decorations has been fitted on the panels (probably cast ornaments from local craft shop) . This was a good way how to fullfill an empty area and keep total cost lower.

Finished project. Lamp is on its place.

So, this is it. The result is graet and we are going to do another things.

Z. Rumler,  10th of March 2017